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    Thank you for visiting my site, my name is Charlie, I am a professional Artist based in the Vale of Belvoir, specialising in dog portraiture. My love of art started very young, it was practised by both my parents and grandmother. Therefore it was no surprise that it would be a passion of mine too. Since finishing University with a BA Hons in Fine Art, I have been honing my skills in dog portraiture. 


    Dogs have always been present in my life. Throughout my childhood we had three English Pointers and a Red Setter, they were all such wonderful companions growing up and made the house feel incredibly homely. It has always amazed me how loyal and intuitive dogs are to their owners, developing such a special bond. They truly are incredible animals, that will always be a huge part of my life. 


As soon as I moved in to my own home with my partner Joel, we got little 'Pippin' our Italian Greyhound. Having never owned or known much about Italian greyhounds, I was pleasantly surprised by Pip's bold confident character in such a dainty delicate frame. She was my only muse for the first two years, but then Roo soon joined the family, closely followed by Noodle. I adore all three and their quirky personalities. Funnily enough although they are all Italian Greyhounds, they are all completely different in character, they have differing likes and dislikes. What would we talk about without them. Dogs are such a special gift to us all, if only they were with us for longer. Portraits much like photography are a great way of capturing their wonderful characters in time. 


The Boutique "Roo Pip Noo' was named after my three musketeers. The Boutique has gradually evolved over the past few years from exhibiting at dog shows. I wanted to offer a selection of unique personalised products which are different to what’s commonly stocked in pet shops. I love working with colours and finishes and thought it would be fun to have a range of products that offer a beautiful colour palette. The Boutique is constantly expanding to offer more of a varied selection to my customers, so please check in from time to time. 











Charlie Bucktin | Dog Portraits | Vale of Belvoir, Lincolnshire UK |

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