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Beacon Hill Cosmo Velvet Chartreuse Bandana (medium)

All of the bandanas within this range are handmade and unique.  


Designer: Beacon Hill

Design: Cosmo Velvet

Colour: Chartreuse

Fabric: Polyester & Viscose

Size: 19 x 10cm

Width of Collar it will fit: 2cm


This bandana is Ideal for medium sized dogs, such as Spaniels, Staffies and Collies. The bandanas have been made to work with Charlie B Boutique collars. However they may slide on to other collars providing they are thin and meet the width shown above. Alternatively if you would like to buy a stretchy braid (available in various colours) for the bandana this can be threaded though and tied. Please make sure to take the bandana off if bought with a braided yarn cord when the dog is left unattended to avoid any harm to your dog.


Please note the bandana displayed on the collar is just for demonstration purposes. The collar is not included within this sale, however collars can be purchased within the Boutique.


15% off a portrait of your dog with your purchase!

Beacon Hill Cosmo Velvet Chartreuse Bandana (medium)

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